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Did we do drunk science again?

Oh, yeah. This is the way my roommate and I are spending our fridaynights. Except for the timemachine, I think.


Sounds logical to me.


I like how he uses the handgun to kill him without firing it.

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It's still in b├ęta, but we have a concept.

I fully agree with 0mg, it needs more variety. This is just the same creeps, spawning the same way, with the same behaviour. They need a personality like speedy, strong, self-healing, and some of them need wings. Also, the towers should have more. Not only basic and splash and shit, but even with capabilities as: awesome power but not very fast. That didn't come out very strong here.

My last point is that your game should have something unique, something that only you could come up with. There are tons of TD games, what do you want yours to have to be special?

Anyway, keep working on it, it definitely has potential.

MrS1ck responds:

Epic review, thanks, taking alot into consideration for v2!


It's really, really nice in my opinion. Although I'm not very good at this, I still kept trying 7 times, just because it's such a good game.

The only thing is that it's cheatable, like Arthour said, nut you can't help that.

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Okay, I downloaded, so I suppose I'm ought to leave a review too. First of, the melody is really nice, but a bit repetitive... I think that it'd be neat if you used a piano playing just a slightly different melody at some parts, so it wouldn't be the same thing all over again. Also, the triplet snare-drum started to work on my nerves after a few beats, and I think that I would've liked it better if it would just go um-tss after a few beats of build-up. That way, you could also make your track way longer, since you've got an extra place for a drop/buildup.

So, there's some critizism... And, why I've downloaded it? 1: It's got some great potential, and 2: It earns a great place in my next DJ mix.

Keep up the good work!

Dj-Gonzo responds:

Thanks a lot! :D

Yes, I know that my songs are sometimes repetitive, it costs A LOT, at least for me , making some changing progressions, but if you listen my firsts songs you'll notice that I've changed a lot too. Thanks for downloading! And if you use it for a DJ mix I'll be really proud! :D

Soon I'll return with other projects, so take a look to my audio page sometimes if you want!

If you really want to know: I prefer the second melody the most, but they all've got a lot of potential. I'm digging it.

I'm digging this!

Yeah, it's pretty neat. Too bad it's just a loop, there's so much potential for this track. I can hear the intro, the bridge and the outtro playing in my head already. But, still, I love it!

Keep mixin'!

Michael-Flaherty responds:

I'm thinking that I'll turn this into a full song soonish, I just need to work out a few more ideas. Anyway, thanks for the review, I love the input!

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Ace Atorney investigations FTW!

Nice work. Especially since it has only 12 colours.

Not bad!

What does everybody seems to have with foxes?

Anyway, it's quite a nice pic. I can see you have some skillz there. The only thing I really dislike are the leaves. I think they quite disturbing, especially since the depth (size-blur ratio) isn't right at all places. Some leaves have to be really huge to be in the background, and still they're blurred. Maybe you have to take a second look on that.

Wait, this ain't a photo?

It's an awesome drawing you did there. I agree with Danzo227, it's freaking realistic. Until I saw the colored brush lines on her bikini, I really thought it was a photo.

Keep up the good work! The really good work! The works with this quality!

Just keep practicing. And don't forget to upload it!

Just another normal Newsgrounder. Mostly using my account to find music, because I really like the random function in here!

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